Memorial Day Conference Sharing

Saints, please share your enjoyment of the conference messages in the comment section for the encouragement of all.

149 Replies to “Memorial Day Conference Sharing”

  1. Praise the Lord for such a wonderful conference. May the Lord gain all the saints for His ultimate move!

  2. Always rejoice, unceasingly pray, in everything give thanks for this is the will of God for you.

  3. After crushing the human government, God will have cleared up the entire universe; then the corporate Christ, Christ with His overcomers, will become a great mountain to fill the whole earth, making the whole earth God’s kingdom!

    Lord, gain our utmost response, consecration and co-operation for Your ultimate move to be today’s corporate Daniel in this consuming and suffering extraordinary time!

    Come LORD Jesus! Amen!

  4. The Lord is affording us opportunities to play this role of being an age dispensing , age changing person!

  5. Jesus is the Lord. let us take his call with a strong resolution, to be his dispensational instrument, to turn the ages.

  6. Lord, we choose to be Your overcomers to fulfill Your desire to end this age!

  7. Amen Lord! I answer Your call, I will be an overcomer, I made the decision.

  8. To answer God’s call, we must keep reading God’s Word in a spirit and atmosphere of prayer and touching God’s desire from His Word; then we must immediately join ourselves to that desire!

  9. We must be those who have dispensational value to God. We need to consider what we are doing to bring in the next age. God needs the overcomers–and the first way to be an overcomer is to PRAY.

  10. The Lord is calling us to be three things: 1) He is calling us to be dispensational instruments 2) Calling us to be His overcomers 3) and He is calling for age-turners!
    We need to consider what we are doing to bring in the next age; this is a special time, so there is the need of special Christians to do a special work.

  11. To redeem the time means to take every opportunity to live Christ. We may be those who read our Bible and spend time with the Lord, but may He train our spiritual sense to redeem EVERY opportunity (big or small) to live and minister Christ!

  12. Lord, I refuse to be idle in response to this word in Message Five. I reject Satan’s dilution of my consecration and his cutting off of my prayers. Lord, Your will be done with regard to everything in my life. Do whatever You need to do to reproduce Yourself in me as a living overcomer. As far as it depends on me, I will be one of Your overcomers.
    Oh Lord, grace us all to seize this precious opportunity. Build us together into Your dispensational instrument. Move swiftly and decisively in Your Body to end this age and regain the earth as Your kingdom. Grant us rapid progress in the lessons of prayer and the growth in life to become Your warrior-bride. Make us Your mighty men–from the least to the greatest, from the youngest to the oldest. Strike fear in the heart of Your enemies, shake Satan’s kingdom, and end his reign. Praise You and thank You, Lord Jesus!

  13. Lord, the Spirit and our spirit pray persistently for your will be done and we are becoming your overcoming bride to marry Christ, His name is called the Word of God.

  14. Dear Lord, we want to make a vow to be a group of overcomers to answer Your calling to turn this age for Your coming back!
    Praise the Lord and glory be to God!

  15. Thank the Lord for such a wake-up call tonight. We must realize that this age of calamities and suffering is NOT the age of God’s desire.

    God has a special need right now. May we respond to His call in a definite way. May we resolve to be overcomers that the Lord can use to end this age!

  16. Lord, we hear Your calling. We answer You. We answer Your calling. Make us Your overcomers by Your seven-fold intensified Spirit and our cooperation ! We want to be the ones who are of dispensational value to You. Thank You for this honor, privilege, and blessing that You would use us to turn the age! Come quickly, our dear Bridegroom! Our love is waiting for Thee ….

  17. Everyone whom God uses to turn the age is afraid of only one thing, that is, of offending God and losing His presence!

  18. Lord, we give ourselves to you again. We repent of all the time that has been lost and ask that you restore to us the years that the locusts have eaten. Gain in us a corporate dispensational instrument to turn this age. We disagree with the lawlessness and rebellion that is upon the earth and ask that you gain in us a people that is fully subject to your will and fully for your interests. Do this soon and come quickly, amen.

  19. Daniel joined himself to God’s desire through God’s Word. May we all do likewise.

  20. Dan 11:32b says “The people who know their God will show strength and take action”; this means the people of God will open up new horizons; the more we know God’s will, the more we will seize the opportunities; those who know God will never live in a habitual way!

    Lord, make us those people who seek to know your will, open up new horizons, and seize the opportunities every single day! Save us from living in a habitual way.

  21. I would like to say something about prayer. My favorite aspect concerning prayer is knowing fully that I am speaking to a living person. The more I speak to God as a man the more I get to know Him as my best friend, coworker, husband, and Father. He is not just here to meet my needs. Eventually through lingering in His presence I realize that He has a greater need. He has an imminent need to be married, have a house, a Holy city, and a Kingdom. This Man just wants His bride to have that same burning desire to be one with Him and to echo that desire back to Him in prayer. He needs at least one “Samuel” to simply understand and agree with what is on His heart. Not in an outward way but in the way of love; a friend and coworker who loves Him and knows His name. In this way we are able to become His duplication – preciousness itself.

  22. Lord, give us the wisdom to number our days, to take the opportunities, be praying ones, have courage and take action, redeem the time, wake up, and make us your overcomers today!

  23. An overcomer is a “man of preciousness”, a person whom God can use to turn the age. Lord, make me a man of preciousness!

  24. May we answer Your call for all of us to be Your overcomers, a dispensational instrument, to end this age and usher in the Millennial Kingdom. The opportunity is now, we have been chosen and predestinated for this major move in Your recovery.
    “Lord, keep us open to be faithful channels of prayer”.

  25. Daniel was not only a person who read God’s word regularly but also who was joined to God’s Word. May the Lord make all of us those who join ourselves to Him through His word!

    Thank you Lord for Your speaking!

  26. I was very touched by tonight’s message. As was brought out in our small group after the message, the urgency and timeliness of the burden was very clear. The Lord is calling us to be His overcomers! Praise the Lord that He already overcame and He is in us. We need to be those who join themselves to His burden through prayer and the through His word. May the Lord gain the overcoming dispensational instruments that He needs to turn this age! May we be the ones who answer His call!

  27. Oh Lord Jesus, may You make us those who would afford You the way to turn the age from the age of procedure to the age of Your heart’s desire!

    Oh Lord, we give ourselves to You today to redeem the rest of our lives to You, to become your people of preciousness, those who would be willing to seize every opportunity to pray and allow You to turn this age!

  28. Lord, I am will take to take the Nazarite vow. I am willing to pray in oneness with You, to be joined to You, the Overcomer. Lead me, Lord to seek out others who have the same resolution of heart and great searching of heart.


  29. Psalms 90:12 says “Teach us then to number our days / That we may gain a heart of wisdom.”
    Col 4:5 says “Walk in wisdom . . . redeeming the time.”
    In order to be today’s overcomers as God’s dispensational instrument who turn the age, we must redeem the time (“opportunity”).

  30. These are the days of prayer. The Lord is leading us as never before to pray effectual, intercessory prayers that mirror His desire and His need. Everytime we come to the Word, we should have a spirit of prayer, an atmosphere of application to touch the Lord’s desire in that word. Then we can join ourselves to that desire. We can cooperate, even coordinate, with God by this prayer to turn this age of procedures to the age of God’s heart desire.

  31. Thank you Lord for my vital group . I am weak but whenever I join them to pray with God’s words, I join God’s desire. I want to take God’s desire to be my desire, take the opportunity to be an overcome to turn the age by unceasingly pray. I don’t want to regret in the darkness in the future.

  32. Thank you Lord for my vital group . I am weak but whenever I join them to pray with God’s words, I join God’s desire. I want to take God’s desire to be my desire, take the opportunity to be an overcome to turn the age by unceasingly pray. I don’t want to regret in the darkness in the future.

  33. Learn to pray and be a person of prayer!
    1, Pray with command, authority rather than superficial request. Command in God’s will, and operate in his strength. Join to the Lord is one spirit with him;
    2, Pray persistently to be harmony with God’s will. Not just once but ten, hundreds, and even more until God’s heart becomes clear to us;
    3, End with thanksgiving to the God. Always believe in Lord’s hand that all things work together to benefit us. Enjoy Lord’s hidden presence.
    Amen, praise the lord! train us to be the overcomer…

  34. Let’s us joined to God’s Word. Each word we read let’s join ourselves to it. Let His desire be our desire. Let His want be our want. Amen

  35. This is a special time, so there is the need of special Christians to do a special work! Out of all of His people, God is calling the special ones. May we all rise up to His calling to be His overcomers and Turn the Age! Thank you so much brothers for these special outlines and special messages!!

  36. Rise up, dear brothers and sisters, it’s time to rise up to answer God’s calling. May we redeem the time to pray. Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it’s on heaven. Find your companions because we need each other to fight this battle.

  37. Lord, we accept this calling. Have Your way in us, make us your dispensational instruments. Even burn us again and again with with Your sevenfold intensified light to rid us of our selfishness, and ready us for this special service to you. We mean business with you! Thank you for Your glorious, transforming and renewing Word!

  38. Lord Jesus I choose to answer your call to be an overcome and depend upon you to cause me to stand firm in this choice.

  39. Lord, l now settle this issue that l give You the ground in my being that Your overcoming life in me be fully expressed at this opportune time and until You return for Your bride. .

  40. Lord, make us the corporate overcomer, not to be fashioned according to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of the mind, be Your dispensational instrument, the age turner, the worthy Bride!

  41. What a rich yet sobering word we have received. Let’s repond to the Lord’s call for the overcomers He needs at this time according to this word. The age is about to turn and we can participate in the Lord’s execution of His move! Thanks to all the dear saints and especially those who shepherded us through all the technicalities so we could receive this timely word.

  42. Lord, I want my life to be yours – from morning to evening. I pray that you would strengthen us in our pursuit and that we would not fear death, redeeming each moment to pray for your interests to be accomplished.

  43. Lord Jesus! Thank you that you are the overcomer within us and we can follow you in our spirit to be an overcomer. I am committing myself to pray according to your need and heart desire. Lord I desire to be a person of preciousness like Daniel and his companion who know how to cease the opportunity to follow your call and marry with your words each day.

  44. Lord, tonight I answer Your call to be Your overcomer. Make this memorial day weekend a memorable weekend in the New Jerusalem.

  45. Lord, may your desire become our heart’s desire. May we all become overcomers and help turn the age.

  46. Deut. 7:6 For you are a holy people to Jehovah your God; it is you whom Jehovah your God has chosen from among all the peoples which are on the face of the earth to be a people for His personal treasure.

  47. The center of Daniel chap 6 is man’s prayer for carrying out of God’s economy, there is no other way to bring God’s economy into fullness and into fulfillment except by prayer.

    Daniel joined himself to God’s desire through God’s word.  We must read God’s word in spirit of prayer and touch God’s desire from His word then we must immediately join ourselves to that desire and pray.

  48. Lord, I heard You tonight. I remember that You came to the earth by way of pregnacy because You loved the Father so much that You wanted to carry out His will by letting Him prepare a body for You to be the sacrifice to redeem His chosen people. You were the only one in the Universe for the Father’s will! You had whole cities reject You for carrying out His will, You were despised and hated for carrying out the Fathers will. You didn’t care of any of the consequences! Even suffered the worst humilation on the cross by the Father turning away economically from you while the sins of all were laid upon You. From man’s point of veiw when the Father turn away it solidfied the belief they had that you were not the Son of God, but in fact cursed by Him!!! How can I say no to You tonight? How can I not follow You tonight? How can I not answer that call with all my heart, mind, soul, emotion and will??? How can I not vow!!!! You were there for the Father’s special needs! Lord, I want to qualify to meet these special needs of Yours! Please accept me!

  49. Oh Lord Jesus! We want to meet your need in prayer and in our consecration to be Age-Turning Nazarite’s. Oh Lord, may we be joined with you in Spirit and joined to You in your word. Let us be ones who are praying Your prayers for Your need and let us be separated unto You. Oh Lord Jesus, make us Over comers! Work Your life into us. We want to be your dispensational instruments.

  50. Oh Lord Jesus! We praise you the timely and fresh speaking to the churches in your recovery. The heaven is open to the saints who love the Lord’s appearance . 4 Key statement: the ultimate world situation; the ultimate move; the ultimate recovery; our ultimate responsibility. Come, Lord Jesus!

  51. Prayer is the lifeline in the Lord’s recovery.
    Lord Jesus, I want be your faithful channel of prayer.

  52. Oh Lord, Thank you for your calling. Yes Lord Amen. I consecrate myself to you Lord. Every time read your word, join to your Word in a spirit and in prayer and touch your desire from your word Lord. Oh Lord I answer your calling ,made me to be your dispensational instrument , be a dispensational value to you. Amen.

  53. Lord Jesus thank you for your speaking, make us answer your calling becaming man of prayer every day eating and drinking you. Amen Lord Jesus.

  54. Thankyou lord for your speaking in this conference, tankyou that you are the faithful one in us ,we give you our consagration ,keep reminding us ,our consagration is in your hands

  55. No mortal tongue can e’er describe
    The freedom of the soul……
    Never did I dream before,
    Such a place could e’er be found….

  56. Dear Lord Jesus, speak to us and shine on us. Give us ears to hear your speaking and eyes to see your beauty. Make us a praying people. Lord, I vow to be a person of prayer. Lord, I cannot keep this vow; I put all the responsibility for keeping this vow on You upfront. Lord, remind me to pray for your will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

  57. Lord, just overcome in our prayers! We need to be men of prayer to be the overcomers, because the Lord in the unique Overcomer. With our prayer, we are fighting against Satan. This prayer is prayer for God’s will, for God’s heart, and we must persevere in it!

  58. Oh Lord! Save my time.
    If we waste our days, ten years may be equal to one day,
    but if we redeem the time, one day may equal ten years.

  59. Christ as the unique overcomer. Dwells in our spirit to make us his Overcomers.

  60. We need to redeem the time, seize every opportunity to faithfully live Christ and be one with His heart’s desire. Praise the Lord

  61. Lord Jesus I love You. Thank You for releasing the burden and speaking through the brothers to us this weekend . Now Lord this is the time for us to respond Your call! Lord, You need today’s overcomers to be Your dispensational instruments , to turn the age. We need to consider there is a need of special Christians to do a special work. Cause us to answer Your need. May this vision govern our living and our future. Keep us in spirit to see this vision .

  62. Redeeming the time. Today is the opportunity to make a resolution again to answer His call to be an overcomer for turning the age.

  63. I was deeply touched by the Lord in Message One that I need to give myself to experience and be constituted with all the truths of the Lord’s recovery, so that I can cooperate with the Lord to preach the gospel of the kingdom by spreading the truths of the Lord’s recovery to all inhabited earth. The gospel that we have received is not just the gospel of initial salvation but the full gospel, which is the full divine revelation of the entire Bible, the entire economy of God. May we give ourselves to dive into the truths of the Lord’s recovery, experience them, live them, and propagate to all the earth for God’s ultimate move.

  64. You could really hear the Lord calling all of us in this conference to be what He needs in this hour. We really appreciated and are thankful for this opportunity for the Northwest saints to blend with the Northern California saints through ZOOM! We’re so glad that our host brothers started to encourage the saints to introduce themselves and to open our video and mics so that these break out sessions could be like a home meeting! That made those overflow times more personal. The updates of what was going on in different places also really helped to connect us more to one another! We hope that many of you from Northern California will come up and visit us in the Northwest!

  65. Lord thank you for your reminding us to overcome and prepare us to be your bride

  66. Praise our Lord! He is the lion and He is the lamb! May we be the men understand the times, and consecrate ourselves to you as Your dispensational instrument for your will.

  67. May we “redeem” the time, the “opportunity” to read God’s Word, and join ourselves to His Word. That we would turn to God in all prayer and supplications, to be one with His heart’s desire. To be the Daniels that turn this age!

  68. Uno de los principios de la oración es que debe haber una armonía de voluntad entre aquel que ora y Dios quien contesta la oración.

    Es por eso que cuando oramos una vez, puede que Dios no conteste nuestra oración; entonces oramos por 10 veces y aún Dios puede no constestar; podemos orar por 100 veces y tal vez ahora Dios conteste. Dios nos habrá ganado de una manera en que no nos ha ganado antes!
    One prayer principle is that there is must be a harmony of will between the one who prays and God who answers the prayer.

    That is why when we pray once, God may not answer our prayer; then we can pray 10 times but yet He may not answer; we can pray 100 times, and perhaps now God answers, at that time He will have gained us in a way He has not gained us before!

  69. Dear saints, I really enjoyed praying over Hymn 894. Praise the Lord for such a mercy that that He is calling us now! What an encouragement that the One who overcame is living in us now. We can endeavor to cooperate with Him by continually opening ourselves to Him and giving Him the ground to work out the overcoming life in us.
    I love brother Ed Mark’s comment that we can use the outlines to pray short prayers in response to His speaking. Amen!

  70. Praise the Lord for the blending of the body. We want to become Daniel to echo your calling for the prayer for turning the age.

  71. Lord! Strengthen me to redeem the time each day and seek the opportunity during this end time to be one with you, the Unique Overcomer, to defeat the enemy and turn this age, amen.

  72. Lord, thank you for such a wonderful conference and your clear speaking. We praise you that you are on the throne, operating over the entire world situation and our every situation. You have called us to participate in and even write with you and in you, your divine history! Lord, be the overcomer in me. Make me your highest expression of a man who cooperates with God.

  73. Oh what a mercy the Lord is calling us as a group of people to be His overcomers and age turners in our life time . When we first came into His recovery we all saw a small window of His return as a vision and a hope . Now today we see this can be our reality. No longer can He use an individual here or there like in Abraham’s day or Moses or David or Daniel. This is the greatest dispensation turn ever. He needs a corporate Daniel of overcomers to fulfill this . It will end this present evil age .
    Oh precious Lord Jesus, thank you for such an opportunity to cooperate with you for this great turn. We consecrate ourselves and families to You that Your precious hearts desire be work out in us . We love You Lord Jesus.

  74. Praise the Lord for this timely word. The Lord’s recovery is for the preparation of the bride and the Lord has given us time to redeem and prepare. But not time to waste. May w redeem our time and make ourselves ready day by day and little by little that the Lord May gain His bride and be able to quickly turn the age. To whom much is given, much will be required

  75. I’m just impress by the fact that we are in the last days and that we need to be those who are ready to be the overcomers and bring the Lord back! Lord, gain us during this time!

  76. See the Vision for dispensational instruments and have dispensational value. Raise up to be like Daniels to respond to this need. Understand the time, absolutely and Voluntarily consecrate, Redeeming Time, sense the opportunities and choose to be overcomers by faith to be vital praying persons for the Lord’s interest and hearts desire to advance his economy.

  77. Alabado sea El Señor por esta palabra oportuna y a tiempo , en su misericordia nos está haciendo un llamado para cooperar con el en los cinco aspectos que cumplen con el deseo de su corazón: edificar Su Cuerpo, preparar Su Novia, la formación de Su Ejército corporativo, que la piedra sea cortada para juzgar a todo el sistema con su gobierno humano y finalmente establecer Su Reino. Te amamos Señor Jesus! Cada día queremos ser salvos en tu vida para cooperar con tigo….

  78. How we need the Body of Christ! We need the speaking of all the brothers and sisters to encourage and admonish one another which reminds us of our position and who we are in God’s economy.
    What are we doing to turn the age? We need to be those Daniels and Pauls- those who are not disobedient to the heavenly vision. When we live and pray in this way, the heavens are opened up. Our prayer won’t be from earth to heaven, but from heaven to earth! His kingdom come, His will be done. The Lord is reigning and is the Faithful One to complete every good work which He has begun, including the maturity and transformation of each one of us as His bride!

  79. Praise the Lord! He is the one on the throne and working behind the screen. No matter how the outward situation changes, He only has one goal is to come back for His bride and bring in the kingdom age. We are living at the age of the book of revelation and it’s toward the end of the age of grace. The Lord’s working today is sevenfold intensified for our growth in life, for the building up His church as the body of Christ, for the preparation of His bride for His coming. How crucial we are living in this age! We can be the age turners if we rise up to cooperate with Him first in prayers according to His will! May we all answer God’s calling in this age to consecrate ourselves to Him to be His overcomers to bring Him back!
    Lord Jesus! We love You! Come Lord Jesus! My Bridegroom!

  80. Praise the Lord for the body, bride, army, stone, and the kingdom! May we aspired to be the age turner by living in the divine history in our daily living.

  81. Lord, cause our faith and love for You to grow. Lord, build us up with other saints to be part of Your corporate expression, the bride. Lord, guide us to develop and produce a wedding garment to satisfy You. Lord, beautify us and train us to be a part of Your army. Lord, may every aspect of this vision become our daily experience, until Your coming back.

  82. Praise the Lord have such great message for us! The Bride must also be a warrior for the defeating of God’s enemey. O lord , Redeeming the time. Growing in us, Training us be your Army,be your overcomer,be your stone and bring your kingdom back!!

  83. Such rich messages and teaching! I greatly appreciates that, while taking in the messages, I used the outline on screen to write down notes and follow along. Greatly enriched my receiving of the messages. Praise The Lord.

  84. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for Your present speaking through this conference. Lord Jesus, grant us Your rich mercy and abounding grace to mature in Your life, to be built up as Your glorious Body, to be Your prepared bride, Your victorious army to defeat our enemy.

  85. Praise the Lord for this speaking. May we respond with genuine prayer daily to be joined to what is on the Lord’s hear—the building up and growth unto maturity of the corporate bride as the Church to match Him and satisfy Him! I greatly appreciate the clear speaking and renewed vision of what God is doing today. May the Lord have mercy on us that we would not be consumed by other things but that our hearts would be given to love the Lord first and seek Him that we may be His build up Church. Lord, reclaim our daily living.

  86. Hymn # 1314 Stanza 4
    ‘Tis but a moment now;
    Thou, our Lord Bridegroom, Thou
    Soon wilt return to claim Thy Bride.
    O Hallelujah!
    ‘Tis this we long for,
    And Thou too wilt be satisfied.

    By the Lord’s grace, His heavenly intersession, the power of His resurrection life and the life flowing through the Body of Christ, let us be among those who prepare the bride to come!

  87. Praise the Lord!!
    We need to be people full of faith.
    Lord make me a person who is full of faith!
    Thank you Lord for your speaking during this conference!

  88. May The Lord open our hearts to receive light from Him day by day and let us be His open vessel! Praise The Lord for this conference, all the Brothers’ messages and the laboring saints. Thank you all!!

  89. Oh Lord, pray that we may all be age turners! This current world situation provides further evidence that the Lord is making His move. We need to pray, not out of hope, but out of faith, and we need to pray persistently. Only through our proper prayer in one accord with all the saints can we strengthen the BODY and be overcomers. The growth and maturity of the Body results in the BRIDE making herself ready. The Bride will be the Lord’s ARMY to fight against the enemy at Armageddon. The Lord will then fulfill the prophecy in Daniel and become the great STONE which will crush the enemy and form a mountain that fills the whole earth. This mountain is the reality of the KINGDOM. Hallelujah! May we be filled with the word and pray unceasingly day by day to make ourselves ready for His coming.

  90. Experiencing Christ, day by day, moment by moment, is the greatest Joy! Praise Him that we, in our mingled spirit, can enjoy Him any time and anywhere—-together with all the saints!!!!!

  91. Praise the Lord that we can become an overcomer through Christ, the unique Overcomer, who dwells in our spirit! Lord, gain our response for your call of dispensational instruments, overcomers, and age-turners.
    Lord, I am consecrating myself to you. Prepare me to be a part of your Bride. Amen.

  92. May all that we have heard become our experience for the preparation of the Bride.

    The Lord is affording us opportunities to join ourselves to His word, His desire, through prayer. Day by day, no matter what our situations are, we give ourselves to the Lord, to grow in life, to be built up, to let Christ live in us, to be made ready as His bride.

    Everything the Lord wants to accomplish, do in us.

  93. Lord, make each day count, for the preparation of Your bride. Day by day, little by little, more producing, growing, and maturing until You finally gain Your bride!

  94. I thank the Lord that we can all still come together and blend with each other. I have been touched the last few weeks that these times are for prepareing. So I was so encouraged with the speaking today.
    I give myself to the Lord today and allow the Lord to work in me day by day and moment by moment.
    Thank you Lord for your Grace and Mercy to your church.

  95. Today I am enlightened by the four key points:
    1, The principle of God’s moving is first making known to people before doing. So we need to pay attention to the visible environment to understand God’s invisible will. Oh, lord, let’s see your will!
    2, The goal of God’s economy is the bride that can match Him in life. This alerts us to catch all the opportunities daily even hourly to experience Christ and be mature in life. Pray for more mingling with the spirit that we are one with Him.
    3, The bride is not individual but cooperated. Brother suggested us to exercise our faith and love. Faith is to receive, and Love is to enjoy the lord. Read more in Titus. We shall mutually supply each other, especially those young and new ones;
    4, Let these visions control our daily life. The building of the bride is little by little and day by day. In whatever situations, no matter we are strong or weak, we can enjoy, love and dispense the life-giving spirit all the time!
    Praise the lord, He is living and working. Let’s rise up to response to his calling and cooperate with his moving from now on! Hallelujah! Glory is Lord’s.

  96. Oh Lord! Thank you for the timely speaking to all of us during this special time. May we all take this opportunity that the Lord gives us to respond to His call to be a man of preciousness like Daniel with dispensational value to the Lord by praying unceasingly according to God’s will and His heart desire. Lord! Make me to be Your overcomer by daily experiencing your life being lived out in me as my subjective righteousness. Cause me to see Your vision and grow into maturity. Prepare us to be Your bride and army to turn this age!

  97. Oh, Lord, help us to redeem our time, prepare and sanctify us every day, to make us part of Your Bride Warrior and ready for Your coming!!

  98. Thank you Lord Jesus! that we still have time to prepare for our wedding garment. Teach me to live according to your life every moment and let you live out of me to be my subjective righteousness and produce the beautiful wedding garment for your corporate bride.

    Lord Jesus thank you for your clear speaking to seize the opportunity to pray in season and out of season according to your present burden. Let our spirit burnning for you.

  99. Lord rise up in each one of us to be your overcomers who are being prepared to be your bride. Lord gain us, gain our families, gain our neighbors. Lord have your way gain the ground in us each and every day, make every day count.

  100. Praise the Lord! The Lord is calling us to be the overcomers for the preparation of the bride. The Lord is the unique Overcomer, but He dwells in us. So, He can make us His overcomers if we get saturated with Him.
    Today the way to become vitalized is to answer the Lord’s call to be an overcomer. We need to be vital, living, and active. This is accomplished by having close, intimate, and thorough fellowship with the Lord, because He is the vital One. Then we need to pray and fellowship with our vital companions. And with our vital companions we can contact people for the gospel. I am practicing this now with another brother and we do have fruit to care for. By this kind of living the Lord will build us together and prepare the bride.

  101. Thank you Lord Jesus, for such a rich and sobering dispensing, in the Old History God was with man, Divine History, God is in man thank you for your human living, crucifixion, resurrection ascension, now sitting at the right hand of God, we are, because you are, thank you , the only Begotten became the First-born among many , Praise you Lord Jesus, we love You, grant us this days mercy, grace and growth in life! May we be the few who were chosen, and may those of us who are called redeem the time while the Lord allows we be filled with his life for the building up of his body and for the the Bride!

  102. Every message this weekend seemed to be timed for the “times we all find ourselves in.” Henry’s message today was a powerful consummating message! I felt that he clearly outlined a transition from the “Age of Mystery(grace)” into the “Kingdom Age” The message forced me to ask myself if I am really allowing Christ to abide in me and express himself fully(?) Every day is a new opportunity to give Christ the ground to prepare for his return, and… to overcome. I was humbled to hear, and receive the full message of this important training. God’s Economy is awesome:)

  103. The concluding word just reminded me that the Lord’s recovery is for the preparation of the bride of Christ, which is composed of all His overcomers. Merely the church life cannot satisfy Christ. Christ wants His counterpart, the Zion within the Jerusalem. Some practical points are also precious. In order for the bride to grow and to be mature, her faith and love need to be developed. In addition, she needs to be built up as a corporate person, being beautiful and having the wedding garment. The bride also needs to know how to fight as a warrior by speaking the word of God (how to preach the gospel, nourish new ones and perfect the saints in life and truth). Praise the Lord, I believe that we have a road map for bringing the Lord back to wrap up the age of mystery. This conference is indeed giving us the timely word concerning the world situation and the Lord’s recovery.

  104. What a timely word for and through the Body! Lord thank You for Your words that shined, exposed, uplift, supply and strengthen Your brothers and sisters in this extraordinary time. To pour Yourself into us for building up the Body to become Your mature bride. Lord continue to dispense Yourself into us day by day and even moment by moment that we would be filled with your feeling, mind, will and heart. That by You as our faith and love we will not look at the outward situation but turn through prayer to love You and all that are Yours. By this we become Your overcomers that You desire and are calling to produce for Your coming. Lord Jesus prepare me, train me and all that belong to You.

  105. Thank You, Lord, for speaking to us Your heart’s desire to have a bride.

    Praise You, Lord, You have accomplished so much to make this possible today. You have opened the word to us in Your recovery. You are one spirit with us in our mingled spirit. You have put us in local churches so we can have spiritual companions to pursue You together. And as Lord of Lords and King of Kings, You have sovereignly arranged the world situation so we have time to hear You.

    Now You are calling us to become Your overcomers – normal, vital, praying believers.

    Amen, Lord, I give you permission to do this. I choose You over myself. You have overcome, and You will overcome in us. I give myself to You to receive Your dispensing each day and to love You and Your church with the first love. I hand myself over to You, so Lord you must do this.

    Lord, prepare us as Your bride and turn this age of Your procedures to the age of Your heart’s desire. Come, Lord Jesus!

  106. Thank you brothers, for drawing our full attention to the current window of opportunity. We take this word, we mix it with faith, we let it operate what it does in us so that our measure may convey it’s vital operation. That operation which works what we are not able to do fuels our love. We pray to experience a love strong as death and cruel as Sheol because we know that love becomes our perseverance and powers us. Even the honey we eat in these messages, we take out of the mouth of a lion! We pray into this instrument who makes herself ready! Amen.

  107. What a marvelous conference full of anointed speaking from the Lord through His faithful servants; and what an enjoyment it is to fellowship and blend with churches from all over Northern California and the Pacific Northwest!

    I particular am impressed that there is only one overcomer in the universe – the Lord Jesus Himself. If we want to be an overcomer, we need to come forward to Him, abide in Him, and let Him abide in us!

  108. The only way to bring God’s economy into fullness and into fulfillment is by prayer. We must be men of prayer. By praying with a strong spirit, the Spirit will rule over our whole being, so that we can live in the reality of the kingdom of heaven and answer His calling to be the dispensational instrument to turn the age from the age of grace to the age of the kingdom.

    Lord Jesus, make us Your age turners in this age.

  109. Praise the Lord!
    You’re our faith to receive and our love to enjoy what we receive.
    Mature us in every way, build us up with other saints, beautify us, and train us to be your army.

  110. Praise the Lord for His speaking!
    How we need to be like Daniel! He was such a person living before God, and his prayer was a prayer that reached the highest peak! He asked God to do something for Himself. Oh Lord, thank you for such a pattern!

  111. We want to be dispensational instruments for the Lord, become overcomers and to turn the age. Praise the Lord. We will prepare ourselves to be brides and waiting for your coming.

  112. Thankyou for the God’s faithful word. May we join ourselves to it and God’s heart’s desire that His desire and ours would be the same, that we would would have a vision within our being, loving God’s goal being the same as loving God Himself, that we would become like the overcomers in Philadelphia, having upon us written the name of our God and the city of our God, the New Jerusalem, and His new name.

  113. I thank the Lord for His timely and powerful speaking during the conference. May we hear His word and take action in responding to His call for today’s overcomers to bring Him back!

  114. O Lord, thank You for still give us the opportunity to grow in life unto maturity, to build up with fellow believers, to make ourselves ready to be your bride, to be your warriors to defeat Your enemy with the Word of God, to be Your living stones to crush the aggregate of human government, to bring in God’s kingdom and reigning with You corporately. We make a vow to answer Your calling. We give ourselves to You, the faithful one. Gain ground in us, enthroned in us day by day, moment by moment, may You be expressed and manifested in us and thru us each day until Your return. Come Lord Jesus quickly come, we are eagerly waiting for Your return.

  115. Praise the Lord for His Church. Great to see all the smiles! Thank you for speaking to us in this pandemic. It’s a warning and it’s a message from God that we need to be alert and be prepared when He is near. Lord , we want to turn our heart away (from the world) unto you, we just want to pray that our faith shall grow stronger everyday. I was touched by the five aspects the brother mentioned today,. We are His body, His corporate bride , the bridal army , the stone and the kingdom! Your Grace and love be sufficient to all the saints! Amen.

  116. Prayer is the lifeline in the Lord’s recovery; the more Satan tries to frustrate our prayer, the more we should pray. Daniel was a person living before God; he depended on prayer to do what man could not do, and he depended on prayer to understand what man could not understand. Today the way to answer the Lord’s call is to be an overcomer; an overcomer is a vital person, and a vital person is a praying person.

  117. Praise the Lord for the messages with visions, calls, and charges to all the saints in His recovery in this pandemic time allowed by His sovereignty. May He give grace daily to walk worthily of His calling and charges to be an overcomer and be part of the bride.

  118. This conference was such an encouragement to my prayer life! I want to be an overcomer and to be a channel of prayer for the Lord! Hallelujah we have Jesus in us, who has already overcome the world!

  119. Becomes a man of prayer is God’s calling and the first step that the Lord used this pandemic situation to establish our praying habit and the praying life. Only the prayer is the most important qualification to be the overcomes, I would like to make the Nazarite vow to be a prayer that the Lord can use me to be one of His corporate vessel to be the member of the Body of Christ, to be prepared for His Bride as the the Bridal army, and which is also the Stone to smash the human government the great image, ultimately the stone becomes the great mountain turns into His Kingdom! Amen!

  120. Lord, build yourself into us and build us into you! Prepare us to become your beautiful counterpart, your corporate bride! Amen

  121. So thankful to be under the divine dispensing and to receive the high calling from the Lord who is on the throne and also in our mingled spirit. Every outline and every speaking from the brother is so precious and sobering! I really enjoyed every message and every sharing!

    Oh Lord! Bring me to grow in life into maturity, make me a man of prayer, to be part of the corporate Daniel today to be your dispensation always instrument, and seize every opportunity in my daily life to experience, enjoy and be filled by Christ!

  122. Lord, may You gain Your bride as the fulfillment of Your eternal purpose! Lord, we consecrate ourselves absolutely to You! Make us today’s overcomers, Your dispensational instruments, to turn the age and to bring You back! Even when we fail, Lord never let us go! Defeat us every time. Make us Your living overcomers, Your corporate Daniel and Samuel today. Amen.

  123. The more we see God, know God, and love God, the more we abhor ourselves and the more we deny ourselves—Matt. 16:24; Luke 9:23; 14:26.

  124. “Consider what we are doing to bring in the next age; this is a special time, so there is the need special Christians to do a special work”

  125. We appreciate the Memorial Day Conference. May we be part of the Bride adorned for her Husband at the Lord’s coming. We want to be part of your Heavenly Army. Thank you Lord Jesus.

  126. Daniel 11:32b says, “The people who know their God will show strength and take action”. The more we know God’s will, the more we will seize the opportunities. We need to be wise and prudent with the time given for us. Everyday is a preparation day. We have time to prepare, but no time to waste.

    God is calling! He has been calling. We need to take action by answering His call to be an overcomer. An overcomer is a vital person; and a vital person is a praying person. God’s allowance of the environment is to compel us to pray. May we continue to pray unceasingly, and not lose heart. Lord, make us overcomers for Your bride!

  127. Lord, thank you for revealing to us, through this conference, the way to be an overcomer, to turn the age, to bring in Your Kingdom. This is Your hearts desire and therefore it is our hearts desire. .

  128. God is using this world situation to call for overcomers, ones who know their God and show strength and take action (Daniel 11:32b). The action we must take post-conference is mainly to pray the prayers of authority and be mingled more with God and God’s heart’s desire.

    We don’t want to miss the opportunities the Lord is giving us during this time and “regret the things in our life that now provide us with satisfaction”, or continue to live in a habitual way! We want to take every opportunity to give ourselves to the Lord, let Him make His home in our hearts, so that He can be the unique overcomer in us to turn this age.

  129. Praise the Lord for this timely and rich speaking to all the saints! Make me an overcomer and pray unceasingly for your will! May you come back soon!

  130. A martyr seemingly is not afraid of anything, much less afraid to die for a cause. However, from the example of Daniel, we can see a martyr actually is afraid of something, although just 1 thing, and that is: to offend God and lose His presence. Lord, we only care for Your smiling face! And Lord, we wouldn’t serve our own needs but we’d gain the honor of being well-pleasing to You!

  131. What our response and responsibilities should be after hearing the Lord’s up-to-date speaking this weekend?
    Lord! Grand me a contrite heart and a new spirit to seek for your interest! I want to make a Nazirite Vow to consecrate my life to you to do your will and to be built up in the Body of Christ!
    I want to be a man of prayer like Daniel to pray in harmony with God and become the dispensational instrument to turn the age. I want to pray commanding prayers to say to the mountain, be taken up and cast into the sea and have no doubt in my heart. In this pandemic, my commanding prayer is directly toward Satan. Satan! Get away from me!
    I want to be sanctified, cleansed by the washing of the water in the word, to wear a stitched white garment as part of His corporate bridal army riding on the white horse with Christ as a corporate stone to crush the aggregate of human government, to fight against Antichrist at Armageddon and to bring in God’s kingdom!
    I want to get revived every morning, and overcoming every day! Little by little, day by day, we will become His corporate bride to match Him for His return!
    Our hope is : Come, Lord Jesus! Lord Jesus, come!

  132. For the first time in a very long time, I thoroughly enjoyed being present for ALL the meetings of the conference! The word spoken about Satan’s strategies to deaden us, wear us out and “little by little” steal away our prayer life was a powerful inoculation and antidote for me! With over three decades in the church life my eyes were opened afresh. The spoken words delivered under the authority of prayer caused the scales to fall off and the light of Glory to shine.
    It was stunning to see that: “Being built up with the fellow partakers of the divine life is the highest virture of one who pursues Christ in God’s eternal economy – 1 Tim. 1:4” Also to realize that each day we have remaining should yield an increase of Christ. I’m freshly convicted to not let a day go by without gaining some measure of eternity by eating the Lord’s Word and drinking of His Spirit.

    It was so encouraging in the break-out rooms to meet saints from other localities! Overall, the technology worked great and affords even greater opportunity to Blend and be built together in Love with so many saints! Thanks to all who served and all who participated to make this conference happen !

  133. It is through His stripping, consuming, and tearing down that God dispenses Himself into those who love Him and seek after Him—Job 10:13; Eph. 3:9; cf. John 3:6; Phil. 3:3.

  134. It is through His stripping, consuming, and tearing down that God dispenses Himself into those who love Him and seek after Him—Job 10:13; Eph. 3:9; cf. John 3:6; Phil. 3:3.

  135. Every time God wants to make a dispensational move, an age-turning move, He is calling to obtain His dispensational instrument; we must be those who have dispensational value to God. May we rise up becoming a collective of Daniel to be absolutely for God and joining ourselves into God’s desire through His Word. Praise God for His timely speaking to His people during the unprecedented time to encourage our persevering prayers in preparation to bring the Lord back. 2020 MDC is indeed a divine history in the human history!

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