Prayer and Life Practices

100 DAYS OF PRAYER (2016)

September 4th – December 12th

Dear saints, During the Labor Day Conference, Brother Minoru and the leading brothers announced the Northern California 100 Days of Prayer, a designated time period of intensified prayer for all the churches in Northern California, beginning September 4  through December 12. The items of prayer for each day of the week during these 100 days are listed in the image below:

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We strongly encourage all the saints in Northern California to pray daily according to the items listed, whether individually or in groups of twos or threes, for the advance of the Lord’s present move in the coming days. In addition to the prayer items listed, we would also like to encourage the saints to exercise in the following 10 points for a vital Christian life, given by Brother Minoru and shown in the image below:

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Our cooperation with the Lord to exercise in these 10 points will allow Him to carry out the burden of His present move. May the Lord richly bless all the churches in Northern California with many saints exercising to pray and be vitalized for His present move. Amen!

Download prayer cards in: English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean


100 DAYS OF PRAYER (2015)

Dear Saints,
This Lord’s Day, November 1st, marks the 50th day of our 100 Days of prayer for the Lord’s move in Northern California. At this halfway point, relevant portions of Scripture and helpful excerpts from the ministry of Brothers Watchman Nee and Witness Lee have been added to the website to enrich our understanding of and increase our burden for the Lord’s will to be known and done in response to our continued prayer.

May the Lord pour out the Spirit of grace and supplication on all the saints to sustain and enrich all of our prayers for His up-to-date move.

To all the saints in the churches in northern California! Through the Lord’s leading and much fellowship and prayer, we encourage all the saints to give themselves to 100 days of prayer for the Lord’s present move in northern California from September 13th to December 21st. The Lord’s blessing on His present move among us depends on our prayer, and we hope that each one of us will participate. As a pattern to us, beginning on August 27, 1727 in Herrnhut, Germany, the Moravian brethren started a round-the-clock prayer time. Their prayer for personal revival and God’s move continued, uninterrupted, for over 100 years. Brother Lee spoke regarding this unprecedented 100 years of prayer in the book Serving According to Revelation: “There is a need for saints to pray for the work in the church, the move of the church, and every detail related to the church. The condition of God’s house and of the brothers and sisters is borne upon the shoulders of praying saints. They uphold the Lord’s work and His spread, and they bring in His kingdom with prayer. Their prayers should be strong to touch God’s throne, shake the authority of darkness, bind what God has bound, and loose what God has loosed (Matt. 16:18-19). There are many aspects of service, but the service of prayer is urgently needed in all the churches. The Moravian revival that occurred over two hundred years ago is an example. The Moravian brethren set up a prayer watch around the clock every day. When one group of people finished praying, another group continued. Every day from morning to evening, groups were praying unceasingly. It is no wonder that the Moravian Brethren sent more missionaries abroad in three decades than all the missions combined in the prior two centuries. I believe that this was the issue of long-term, watchful prayer. According to their statistics, one person was sent abroad to preach for every fifty-eight believers who remained at home, and for every person who believed in the Lord at home, two people believed into the Lord abroad… If a group of saints would devotedly pray for the preaching and the spread of the gospel, God would manifest His power and glory among us.” (pp. 15-16) This is truly a pattern for us to follow and we pray that each one of us will be faithful to do so during the coming 100 days of prayer.



Below are seven topics of prayer that we can pray for on each day of the week. These topics will be repeated weekly throughout the next 100 DAYS OF PRAYER. 1

“When a person is graced with being part of one of God’s special moves on this earth, it is the greatest blessing of his life. God’s move makes an impression that he will never forget, and it becomes an unending source of supply to him. Whoever can participate in such a flow is most blessed. I believe that whenever someone who was in such a flow thinks back on it, he will have fond memories of that time. The revival in northern China in 1943 was a very strong flow; many people were gained by God at that time. Many of the consecrations were not loose but were very strong. That flow of revival had a great influence on the churches in China after the war ended. It is a great blessing for a person to be able to participate in the flow of God’s work, the flow of revival, at least once in his lifetime.” (Three Aspects of the Church: Book 2, The Course of the Church, Chapter 18, Section 6)