Revelation Life-study Questions

Date # Question 1 Question 2
12/31-1/6 1 Describe how the book of Revelation is a book of conclusion. Describe the contents of the book of Revelation.
12/31-1/6 2 What are the many aspects of the revelation of Christ found in the book of Revelation? Describe the various aspects of Christ in His ascension.
1/7-1/13 3 List the aspects of the church found in Revelation. What is the significance of the man-child and the firstfruits?
1/7-1/13 4 In the book of Revelation, what is the sequence of the Triune God? Why is the sequence different here? List the twenty-six wonderful aspects of Christ found in Revelation.
1/14-1/20 5 What does Revelation reveal about the secret aspect of the Lord’s coming? What does Revelation reveal about the open aspect of the Lord’s coming?
1/14-1/20 6 What is significant about the phrase “in Jesus”? How can we be joint partakers in the kingdom in Jesus?
1/21-1/27 7 Describe the progress of the manifestation of God. What is the way to see God’s revelation and to realize God’s manifestation?
1/21-1/27 8 How does the lampstand signify the Triune God? Describe the importance of the lamps of the lampstand.
1/28-2/3 9 Describe the Christ revealed in chapter 1 of Revelation. What is this Christ doing today?
1/28-2/3 10 What is the origin and consequence of the degradation of the church in Ephesus? Describe the reward to the overcomers in the church in Ephesus.
2/4-2/10  11 How does the name “Smyrna” match the prophetic significance of this church? What were her sufferings? What is Christ’s promise to the overcomers in the church in Smyrna?
2/4-2/10  12 How does the name “Pergamos” correspond to the condition of this church? How does her condition match with church history? What is Christ’s promise to the overcomers in the church in Pergamos?
2/11-2/17 13 How does the name “Thyatira” relate to the prophetic significance of this church? What is the crucial significance of Jezebel? What are “the deep things of Satan?”
2/11-2/17 14 What does “Sardis” mean and what does this church prefigure? What is the crucial point about this church? What is the Lord’s promise to the overcomers in Sardis?
2/18-2/24 15 How does the name “Philadelphia” match the condition of this church? What is her prophetic significance? What is the importance of the Lord’s name and what is His promise to the overcomers in the church in Philadelphia?
2/18-2/24 16 How does the name “Laodicea” match the condition of this church? What is her prophetic significance? What is the Lord’s counsel and promise to the church in Laodicea?
2/25-3/3 17 Describe the scene in heaven after Christ’s ascension. What is the significance of God on the throne having the appearance of a jasper and a sardius stone?
2/25-3/3 18 What are seven items of the description of the worthy Lion-lamb in Revelation 5? Explain how the seven Spirits as the seven eyes of the Lamb transform us into precious materials for God’s building.
3/4-3/10 19 What are the four personified things that correspond to the first four seals in Rev. 6? Why may we call this a four horse race? Explain how the three negative things work together in history to advance the preaching of the gospel? What “horse” are we on?
3/4-3/10  20 What is the significance of the fifth seal and why is the cry of the martyred saints from “underneath the altar?” What is the significance of the sixth seal? How is it a warning to the earth dwellers?
3/11-3/17 21 Describe the aspect of the preservation of God’s people related to Israel. Describe the aspect of the preservation of God’s people related to the redeemed ones of the church.
3/11-3/17 22 Explain the relationship between the seven eyes, the seven lamps and the seven Spirits of God. How are these related to God’s building? How does the governing vision of the Bible and God’s desire relate to His building?
3/18-3/24 23 What is the content of the seventh seal and the scene in heaven following the opening of it? What are the first four trumpets in Rev. 8?
3/18-3/24 24 When will the great tribulation occur and how long will it last? Refer to Dan. 9:27, Matt. 24:15 and Rev. 12:5-6 in your answer. Who is the Antichrist?
3/25-3/31 25 What do the four angels loosed at the beginning of the sixth trumpet do? Who are the two hundred million cavalry troops and what will they do?
3/25-3/31 26 Describe Christ in His coming as another strong Angel. What is the significance of the mystery of God being finished in Rev. 10:7? Explain how today is the age of mystery.
4/1-4/7 27 What does it mean that the holy city will be trampled for forty-two months? Who are the two witnesses in Rev. 11:3 and what is their testimony?
4/1-4/7 28 What five items comprise the contents of the seventh trumpet? Describe the scene in heaven after the trumpeting of the seventh trumpet. Explain the significance of the throne and of the temple with the ark.
4/8-4/14 29 What are the two aspects of the rapture and what are the three categories of the rapture of the overcomers? What are seven reasons why there is the need for the rapture of the overcomers?
4/8-4/14 30 What are five conditions for the rapture of the overcomers? When will the rapture of the majority of the believers take place and what two kinds of people will it include?
4/15-4/21 31 Describe the progression and improvement of the lampstand from Exodus to Zechariah and from Zechariah to Revelation. What are four aspects of the lampstand that we need to experience?
4/15-4/21 32 Explain how Rev. 3:12 presents the greatest promise and the greatest blessing. What is God’s building and what is the significance of being made a pillar and of being written on by the Lord?
4/22-4/28 33 How are the seven eyes, seven lamps and seven Spirits of God for God’s building? How may we experience them for God’s building? What ten crucial terms in John and Revelation, when put together, present the vision that the New Jerusalem is the consummate enlargement of God?
4/22-4/28 34 What does the universal bright woman in Revelation 12 represent? Describe the universal warfare raging between the woman and the dragon.
4/29-5/5 35 Explain how the position of God’s people is that of a woman? What is her most important duty? How may we become part of the man-child even today?
4/29-5/5 36 Who does the man-child represent? How can we be the man-child? Describe the three things by which the man-child overcomes Satan.
5/6-5/12 37 What are the eleven items of the description of the dragon found in Revelation 12? How does the dragon persecute the woman and how does God preserve the woman?
5/6-5/12 38 What does the rapture of the man-child have to do with the war in heaven? How can we be qualified to participate in this war? According to Rev. 12:8-10, what was the outcome of the war in heaven?
5/13-5/19 39 How can we prove that the woman in Rev. 12 is the totality of God’s people? How may we have the actuality and practicality of this bright woman? How is this related to returning to the unique ground?
5/13-5/19 40 What characteristics of Antichrist, the beast out of the sea in 13:1, are seen in the fourth beast in Daniel 7? What 17 points concerning the little horn in Daniel 8 give us a complete picture of Antichrist?
5/20-5/26 41 What does the Antichrist, as “the prince” in Daniel 9:26-27, do toward the Jews and their temple in the last seven years of this age? What further can we see concerning Antichrist from the king of the north in Daniel 11?
5/20-5/26 42 What is the description of the beast out of the sea found in Rev. 13:1-2? How does 2 Thes. 2:3-10 describe Antichrist, the man of sin?
5/27-6/2 43 Explain how the beast, being killed and resuscitated, is both the seventh and the eighth Caesar of the Roman empire? According to Rev. 13:5, the beast will act for forty-two months. What six things will he do during this time?
5/27-6/2 44 Who is the beast out of the earth and what will he do? How may we say he is Judas Iscariot? Why should we not pay attention to signs or expect miracles? What then should we concentrate our being on?
6/3-6/9 45 How does Ephesians show us the way to become the stronger part within the woman in Revelation 12? Explain how we must take the word of God by renouncing every opinion within us if we would be the stronger part of the woman.
6/3-6/9 46 Who are the firstfruit? How should we apply their tumultuous voice in our practice today? What is the spiritual significance that the firstfruit “have not been defiled with women”? How should we apply this to living as overcomers today?
6/10-6/16 47 How do the contents of the eternal gospel differ from those of the gospel of grace? What three additional items follow the rapture of the firstfruit? How will God use Antichrist to deal with religious Babylon?
6/10-6/16 48 Who is included in the rapture of the harvest? Explain how USA may be the place to preserve the harvest during the tribulation? What is the great winepress, who are the grapes and by whom will they be trodden?
6/17-6/23 49 Who are the late overcomers and what does it mean that they are standing on the glassy sea singing the song of Moses and the song of the Lamb? Describe the scene in heaven before the outpouring of the seven bowls. Explain the significance of the temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony being opened.
6/17-6/23 50 Explain the significance of God being on His throne and God being in His temple? What is poured out as the content of each of the seven bowls?
6/24-6/30 51 Who is the great harlot or prostitute who sits on many waters? Who are her daughters? What does it mean that she holds a golden cup full of abominations? What are some of these Babylonian things that God condemns?
6/24-6/30 52 Describe the scarlet beast upon whom the prostitute rides. Why does this cause the beast to hate her and destroy her? After realizing God’s judgment on the great prostitute, what is the proper way to care for those in the Roman Catholic Church?
7/1-7/7 53 Describe the three aspects of Babylon. Which two are found in Rev. 17 and 18? Describe the fall of the material Babylon in Rev. 18. Why does God hate her and how will He judge her?
7/1-7/7 54 When will the marriage of the Lamb take place? Why is it significant that it is after the destruction of Babylon, the Great? What do we need in order to be ready as Christ’s bride to participate in the marriage of the Lamb?
7/8-7/14 55 Describe Christ as the Warrior and the armies that follow Him in Rev. 19:11-16. When will the war at Armageddon take place and what will it accomplish?
7/8-7/14 56 What are the two sections and three groups of people in the millennial kingdom? Where is Satan by this time? What does it mean that the millennial kingdom is the first resurrection?
7/15-7/21 57 What will transpire during the last rebellion of mankind? Describe the judgment at the great white throne. Who will be judged there?
7/15-7/21 58 What are the four dispensations of the old creation and what purpose do they accomplish? Why is so important for us to be perfected in life?
7/22-7/28 59 What is the way to see the vision of the New Jerusalem? Give four titles or descriptions of the New Jerusalem along with their significances.
7/22-7/28 60 How can we say that the New Jerusalem is a living composition of all God’s redeemed? What is the significance of the treasures, the three kinds of precious materials with the city is built?
7/29-8/4 61 What is the significance of the measurements of the city and its wall? What does it mean that it was measured with a golden reed? Explain how the measure of the walls being “of a man, that is, of an angel” indicates something of resurrection.
7/29-8/4 62 What does it mean that the walls of the city have the appearance of jasper? What are the functions of these walls? What is the significance of the foundations of the city and of these foundations being layer upon layer?
8/5-8/11 63 What is the spiritual significance of the Describe the street of the city. How does the golden street apply to our daily walk in the divine nature?
8/5-8/11 64 Explain the significance of the temple? How does its being the mutual dwelling for both God and man apply to our mutual abiding with the Triune God as seen in John 15? How does the light, the glory and the appearance of the city indicate that the city is just God? How do they also apply in the church life today?
8/12-8/18 65 Describe the center of the city—both the throne and the temple. How are the supply and the authority related? Describe the life supply of the city—both the river and the tree. Trace the origin and development of the river in the Scriptures.
8/12-8/18 66 What are the ten items of the enjoyment and blessing of God’s redeemed in eternity? Explain how the first crucial item of our eternal enjoyment, the holy city, relates to our need for the church life today.
8/19-8/25 67 What is the significance of the Lord referring to Himself as the Alpha and the Omega in Rev. 22:13? What is the significance of the Spirit and the Bride speaking together? Why is the word “Come” used three times in 22:17?
8/19-8/25 68 How do the seven lamps, the seven eyes and the seven Spirits function in our experience to accomplish God’s building? Explain how the seven lamps become the river of life for the building of God.